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Submitted on
August 22, 2012
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it will eat your brain first.
you will wait for your coffee in orderly queues.
you will smile at the fake blonde receptionist at the orthodontist.
you will talk to your neighbor about the serious problem the management has with the cat infestation problem and you will agree to write a bitchy letter if something isn't done soon.

then, it will take your limbs.
your arms and legs will disintegrate into a melange of taxis and buses and metros
and your bike tires will go flat and you won't even notice.
your arms and legs will become so weak that you won't be able to hold yourself up anymore.

it will devour your eyes.
it will suck all the colour out of your retinas and leave technicolour dribbles and not give a shit.
it will lick the creative genius who resides behind your eyeballs dry and spit him out on to the pavement to beg for attention.

it will swallow your tongue.
your sharp-edged blade you used to wield will be blunt and your teeth will become a tripwire.
you will forget how to say what you really mean and instead you will say stupid fucking things like "i am fine" and "isn't the weather awful" and "yes i would love to watch your children while you fuck someone who isn't your wife". maybe not that last part. you will forget how to say that.

the city will relish your lungs.
you will forget how to breathe when there is no pollution to help you and real air will sting like the moment the injection slips into your arm only a thousand times all over.
you will forget how to sigh and hyperventilate and pant. you will just inhale, exhale. like everyone else.

it will take your voice.
this is a songless city filled with muted bluebirds and you will be no exception.
the songs of your past will become meaningless tunes whistled by the wind and ignored.

it will take your fingers your toes your eyelashes your knees your hips
until there is only one piece of you left-
and finally, without you even realizing,
this city will eat your heart.
inhale exhale

i wrote this when i had some clarity
that has seemed to slip the fuck away
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TheChesherCat Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This is incredible. Incredibly disturbing, yes, but incredible. So vivid and well-written. Wow! :clap:
awesome. disturbing but awesome. :heart:
ha, thank you i think
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GAH! love it.
"it will suck all the colour out of you retinas" -- I believe you forgot the r in your.

Amazing imagery.
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